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Hi! Greetings! Here is an irresistible offer of business that you will never miss. This opens up a whole new world of Alfajr watches and clocks for Muslim brethren around the world. Apart from the general population that will simply love the unique style and design of the clocks and watches, Muslim brethren will give it preference since the call to prayer or Azan is included and can be preset for specific places.

About Alfajr Islamic Watches and Clocks

Let us start by telling you a little about Alfajr. Alfajr is a Saudi Arabia based company established in the year 2000. Due to the quality and unique Muslim prayer features of their clocks and watches, their name became popular all over the world. The word “fajr” means dawn in Arabic, symbolic of their product and their company logo is the character “fa” from “fajr”.

Alfajr Watches

Alfajr watches are elegant, stylish, contemporaneous and also affordable, available in analogue and digital as well as analogue-digital models for men, women in metal and plastic casing and colorful sports versions. Unique Features of Alfajr watches (also found in clocks) Alfajr watches are dramatically different from any other watch in the world, developed specifically for true followers of the faith or “namazis”. Major cities and timings are pre-programmed into the watch and users can program timing according to latitude, longitude and GMT information based on which azan times are calculated and the alarm sounds according to the local Taqweem. Users can set prayer reminder alarms in relation to azan times. Users can also set alarms separate from the azan and prayer reminder alarms. Further, the watch also indicates direction of the Qibla through an inbuilt compass. The timepiece also displays Hijri or Gregorian calendars. The digital time pieces are preprogrammed to display Arabic or English language numerals in 12 or 24 hour format.

Alfajr Table Clocks and Wall Clocks

Alfajr digital table clocks are available in 4 different models ( In which 2 can be used as wall clocks) with different sized numerals displaying time, temperature and date. The clocks feature all the additional features of the watch. It tells you the local namaz time as per your location. Most of the cities from around the world are pre-installed. In addition, these models have advanced features that allow users to customize sound of the azan according to Riyadh, Madina, Mecca, Egypt and Quds styles. The extra features in clocks also include daylight saving time option, gentle prayer reminders, one time alarm and ascending sound setting for the alarm. N.B. Multiple azan sound is available in Model- cj07 and Model - ct01.  In other models, only one azan sound is available.

About Forward Watch

Forward Watch is a leading watch and timepiece dealers and distributor located in Delhi with a fine showroom in a prime location. We are the authorized distributor in India for the range of Alfajr watches and clocks. As exclusive and sole distributor of Alfajr watches in India, we are now setting up a nation-wide network of dealers to sell Alfajr products.

Why deal with us?

Why deal with us and take up dealership of Alfajr watches is a question that can be answered this way:

  • There is no competition in the market for this category of watches due to its unique features.
  • There is immense potential for Alfajr watches in India, especially from all sections of the Muslim population. We offer Alfajr watches at affordable prices and in various styles.
  • We are a highly reputed organization known for reliability and trust.
  • We maintain stocks so you do not have to carry heavy inventory and we will rush desired models in small or large quantities immediately so that you never lose a customer.
  • Once dealings become regular we are amenable to consider flexible business terms designed to help you grow.
  • We offer total support, training and marketing collaterals supported by marketing campaigns in diverse media.

Benefits for the dealers

You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information in the following ways:

  • The amount of first billing would be Rs. 101000/-
  • Dispenser will be provided to you by us 
  • Attractive T,O,T
  • We will provide standy or flex for advertisement at your store
  • Your business name will be displayed on store in your state

Please go through the attached literature and let us know your interest in handling sales of Alfajr watches and clocks in your area. We can set up a business meet once we receive your expression of interest.

This is a once in a life-time opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a unique product that will have huge sales in the near future and recurring sales too since devout Muslims all over India are likely to buy for themselves and also for gifts on happy occasions.

Details you should furnish along with your response mentioning current products handled and your contact number. You can also submit you details online through

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