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Alfajr Watch & Clock, Saudia Arabia’s premier watch and clock manufacturing company, has been serving the Muslim bretheren worldwide through its unique products. Each watch and clock has an inbuilt azan program that can be set precisely to the location to sound the call to prayer at the right time.

Now, Alfajr , makes a grand entrance into India, home to over 35 crores Muslims and brings these excellent timepieces to help the faithful answer the call to prayer at the right time. And we are the sole distributors in India for its entire range of time pieces. With Alfajr you will never miss a single prayer each day, every day of your life.

Alfajr watch and clock company was inspired by the moon and the need of the faithful to pray at the right time from dawn to dusk. Alfajr watches and clocks can be programmed according to each location to sound the alarm at the right time, five times a day without fail.

With a network of dealers spread throughout India, we plan to introduce Alfajr range of watches and clocks to Indian audiences through our established channels and promise to make it available even in the smallest towns across the breadth and width of India. We uphold the principles of the Quran in our dealings at personal and business levels and offer Alfajr products based on this foundation of faith.

We shall make Alfajr watches available at fair prices and we promise to offer the finest after sales services to ensure the timepieces keep working day in, day out, year after year.